Priya A. Desai

Priya was raised in an idyllic, coastal suburb of Los Angeles. The first-born child of immigrants from India, she has spent much of her life pondering the complicated notions of home and place.

During her school years, inspiring teachers first encouraged her to put pen to paper. She continued on to Stanford University where she received a B.A. with Honors in Political Science. At Stanford, she self-published her senior thesis on Indian immigrants to the United States as a book entitled Passage From India: Post-1965 Indian Immigrants and Their Children. As one of the few works of research on this particular immigrant community, the book has been taught in Ethnic Studies and Sociology classes at several schools and universities.

Priya later received her MBA from the University of Southern California where she was a Dean’s Scholar. After Business School, she worked at Universal Studios focusing on international business development for the theme park group. In this capacity, she traveled to dozens of countries and met luminaries as intriguing and diverse as the King of Malaysia, the father of Hong Kong martial arts cinema, the scion of Argentina’s largest brewery, and a Brazilian bootlegger turned real estate magnate. She hopes to find a home for many of these fine folks as thinly disguised characters in future writings.

After marriage and starting a family, the desire to write surfaced again. BOMBAY CALIFORNIA, the most personal of stories, is a novel born of nine years of writing in the interstitials of life. Priya maintains that the novel has been inside her all along. She simply needed to give it life.

Priya resides in Southern California with her husband and two children.